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Zip Cup Bras Explained

The Zip Cup is a maternity or nursing bra, the difference between this and the drop cup is that the zip is on the outer side of the bra, starting from the top of the cup. This makes breast feeding even more convenient as you can drop the cup down using one hand instead of both as may be needed with the drop cup. The Zip is constructed in the same way as it would be on trousers or skirts in that it has fabric behind to prevent any pinching of the skin when in use. The outer part of the zip also has a fabric liner constructed so that your baby will not be able to harm themselves on it. The Zip cup Nursing bras as with any drop cup are very modern in their design and so there is no need to feel frumpy even when feeding your baby. The Fabrics are both modern, comfortable and stylish, some even have different colours or patterns.

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