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Reasons to get fitted for a bra

Finding properly fitting bra is really important for all women. You want to not only look your best but feel comfortable as well. Sadly, many women are still wearing bras that are not the proper size, and wearing an ill-fitting bra over an extended period of time can actually have some unwanted consequences.

Posture can adversely be impacted when wearing a bra that doesn't fit properly, but sometimes the complications can worsen and spinal problems may develop, especially if you have big boobs. In some situations breathing can be affected and pain, of course, is another possible result. If bras are too small abrasions to the skin can form. Lesions can even form when the bra is too tight and the bra hooks dig into the back or underwires can often cinch the skin causing further discomfort.

Women with large breasts are often the ones that face the most repercussions when wearing an improperly fitting bra. They often choose bras that don't provide a sufficient amount of support which leads to some of the issues listed above - most commonly bad posture. Sometimes women tend to roll their shoulders forward because of the lack of support, which can also cause posture problems. This can also leads to weakened back muscles, and if left too long some you start to bend forward when walking without knowing it. As a result the trapezius muscles can become stretched too much and sometimes headaches can even occur.

Given these possible consequences it places even more importance on determining your proper bra size. There are many online resources that can be utilized to help you determine what bra size you should be wearing. For instance some online retailers, such as Panache, provide a bra calculator. All you must do is simply take some measurements of your body and the information is input into the calculator which will determine what your ideal bra size is. The best thing however is to nip along to your local lingerie store and get fitted by a professional - it only take 10 minutes!