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Seamless Sloggi's underwear for a smooth look.

All too often, women wear the wrong type of underwear for their body shape, causing lumps, bumps and unsightly rolls of flesh. And what many women forget is that how they look underneath their clothes will have a huge impact on what they look like in their clothes - to look your best, you need to create the right foundations with the right undies.

For most women, maxi briefs or boxer-style knickers are the best choice - the waistband on them is high enough to have a slimming effect on the tummy, and they are cut so that they sit slightly lower on the top of thigh, making the legs look slimmer. Cotton/Lycra mix undies, such as Sloggis, also tend to be much more comfortable than undies made from polyester or lace. The cotton is kind to skin, meaning that it stays comfortable all day long and that it won't irritate - and the Lycra will have a slimming effect due to the stretch in it. Stretchy knickers are always much more comfortable than undies without any give in them!

Sloggis also tend to be seamless - which is excellent news for ladies who want to create a smooth and sleek profile underneath their clothes. Seamless underwear doesn't always mean that the undies don't have seams - but it means that they don't have visible seams underneath your clothes, preventing visible panty lines. Seamless undies are pretty essential underneath tight dresses and other clothes, such as leggings or bandage skirts, and they'll also help to create a slimmer and smoother figure.

Seamless undies are also pretty essential for wearing underneath clingy fabrics such as jersey and Lycra. The clingier the fabric, the more obvious the undies - and the more obvious the undies, the more people are going to notice your knickers, rather than the fabulous outfit you're wearing. Women used to wear thongs and G-strings underneath clingy fabrics in order to minimise visible panty lines, but the trouble with such flimsy undies is that they offer no support and they're also a little uncomfortable. If you've got a bigger bum than you'd like, you'd prefer to have support from a decent pair of seamless control briefs, rather than a flimsy slip of material. Equally, thongs can dig into the skin in a rather uncomfortable way if you don't buy them in the right size, so they can cause further lumps and bumps - which is absolutely not what you want underneath your killer dress!

If you're planning to wear white clingy clothes, we always recommend that you choose seamless undies in a nude colour. Although you might think that white undies will be invisible underneath white clothes, they do tend to show through so if you're planning to invest in a pair of seamless knickers, buy them in a nude or neutral colour. They'll work with every single piece of clothing you own. And make sure that buy them in the right size so that they do the job properly!