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Plus Size Lingerie

When you consider that the average woman is a size sixteen in today's Britain, they are badly underrepresented in media images and fashion. Apparently if you don't have a figure like a twelve year old boy, you don't want to look and feel great.

This is all too apparent when curvy ladies go to the local lingerie shop. Everywhere you look there are skinny mannequins, heroin-chic models and underwear that the average lady wouldn't want to try and squeeze a leg into, let alone anything else.

However, have a look online and it's a very different story. There are many companies that are fully aware that women's shape is changing and that there is a huge market for pretty, feminine (and supportive) lingerie and they are doing a great job of designing it. Try some of the online department stores such as or for some fantastic ranges, and we love their controlwear swimwear section too.

Have a look at Bonprix for a beautiful range of plus size lingerie and plus size nightwear (remember before you consider the dreaded diet that 'plus size' in the fashion world means anything from a size fourteen up) that will make the most of those curves. Everything from knickers to babydolls are available at very reasonable prices, and they even use real women as models as opposed to the bony specimens available elsewhere.