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5 Tips For Picking Plus Size Lingerie

It can sometimes be a bit of struggle to find the right plus size lingerie, especially if you are a larger cupped lady! Here's a few tips to remember when shopping online.

1. Get Measured - Nip along to a local lingerie store and get yourself properly measured, this way you'll know exactly what size you need for great support and comfort. If you're not happy going to a large chain store then pick a small independent store that will give you a more personal service.

2. Support and Comfort IS everything - Go for practical before cosmetic. The plunge bra or cleavage enhancer may look great but it may not offer the best support and comfort. If you're wearing the bra all day it MUST be comfy.

3. Shop Around - There's an awful lot more choice now for plus size lingerie so browse lots of different brands and stores to find the right style for you.

4. Build A Collection - Start creating your own collection of different styled bras for different occasions. Sometimes you may want seam free or soft cups other times you may want to vamp it up for the evening. Don't worry about changing your bra for something different during the day - mix and match with your clothing.

5. You Don't Have To Keep It - Remember that online shopping is the same as catalogue mail order - if an item doesn't fit properly you can send it back. Order a few items and pick the best.

These few tips should help you out when buying plus size lingerie, one store to look at for a great selection is