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How To Fit A Corset

If you are new to corsets then here are some hints and tips to help you when putting your new corset on.

The first thing to remember though is to have someone around to lend a hand, the ties at the back can be very tricky or near impossible to do on you own at first.

If you have purchased a corset that has cords at the back and clasps at the front then it should be a little easier to put on than corsets with just cords at the back. We're going to concentrate on this type of corset.

Fitting A Corset - Pull Out The Cords1. Firstly remember to pull the cords out quite wide in order to pull the corset around at the front if you have front fastenings.

2. Pull the corset together and attach the hook and eye fastenings but don’t worry about it feeling a little loose at this time.

3. Once the front is fastened together get your helper to start pulling the cords through. Start from the top down to the middle and then the bottom upward to the middle where the cords meet.

4. Once the cords are quite close to each other your helper needs to start pulling the cords from the middle, you may wish to stand facing a wall to support your body as the cords do need to be adjusted quite close together.

5. The corset should slim your waistline down by up to 4 inches, due to this your helper will need to keep adjusting the cords until they meet in the middle and there is a small gap at the very top and bottom of the corset, although if you are particularly slim anyway they may well meet all the way.

Fitting A Corset - Front Fastening6. Once the cords are adjusted you should check that the corset hasn’t twisted around on your body, if it has then get your helper to help with pulling it back inline.

7. Now you have your corset on try moving around a little to get used to the feel of it, it may feel a little restrictive to start with but once you have worn it for a short while this feeling will dissappear.

8. If you are planning on wearing a corset on a regular basis then getting in and out of it will get easier and you won't feel that its too tight.

9. You may find that your back aches a little once you take your corset off but if you are planning on wearing it regularly this should go away, I believe it’s due to the fact that the corset helps correct your posture.

Once you've finished following these instructions you should have a great fitting corset. It may take a few attempts to get it perfect and after a while you may even be able to fit it on your own, unlike me!!

If you have any hints or tips of your own then leave them below in the comments.

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