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Breast Exercises

There's a lack of Breast Exercises on the Internet. Just do a search and all you find is companies trying to sell you things. have got together with some top fitness experts to offer free do-at-home breast exercises to help keep the girls in shape! Keeping fit and getting those chest muscles tight can help stop premature sagging in later life.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to visit your doctor before attempting any of these exercises. If you suffer from heart/lung conditions or back/muscular pains or any other conditions see your doctor. IF IN DOUBT SEE YOUR DOCTOR. cannot be held responsible if you injure yourself, please take it easy.

Advice from Mamad Mossadegh, Bodypro Personal Training Studio
Because women's breasts are made up mostly of Adipose (fatty) tissue, and contain no muscle, exercise alone will not change their size or shape directly.  However by working the largest muscle in the chest, pectoralis major, you can help support the breasts and hold them up higher. If performing the exercise in the gym, I would say the Incline Dumbbell Bench press is the most effective. The same exercise can be performed at home on a Swiss Ball.

Chest Flye & Chest Press
These exercises have been written by Matt Peel who runs Premier Fitness Health & Fitness Club in Surrey, UK. Matt has a degree in Sports Science and various diplomas and certificates in fitness training a sports therapy, including nutritionist qualifications. Matt's Experience includes fitness training for F1 drivers and Olympic cyclists and has worked in the industry for around 12 years.

Learn about the chest flye & chest press

Press Ups
The easiest chest exercise to perform at home. This Exercise was suggested by Catriona Patton Qualified in Fitness & Sports Therapy.

Learn about press ups

Standing Press & Full Press Ups
These are a number of exercises that you can do anywhere at anytime and are ideal for a busy lifestyle plus you don't need any special equipment. These exercises were suggested by Claire from The London Fitness Consultancy Ltd.

Learn about standing press & full press ups

Have you any breast exercises you'd like to share? Leave a comment below.
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