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Shopping for Bras for Women with Implants

Whatever the reason for a woman having breast implant surgery, buying a good supportive bra is essential. The widely-held belief that women with implants don't need to wear a bra is a myth, and although the temptation to go lingerie shopping as soon as you've had surgery is almost irresistible, it's worth bearing in mind that buying a bra that fits properly will need almost military strategic planning.

It's important not to go shopping too soon after surgery, however keen you might be. The post-surgical swelling will take some time to subside, and although a non-wired bra may not be the most glamorous garment ever created, you'll be grateful for the comfort in the first few weeks. Your surgeon may even recommend a surgical or compression bra to speed up healing.

Going to a proper bra fitter, with a specialist range for bigger sizes (and therefore catering for the needs of many women that have had implants) is essential. Without wishing to do a disservice to trained fitters in department stores, heading for Bravissimo, or even the upmarket Rigby & Peller will give you a wider range of sizes and brands to choose from.

If you prefer to shop for your bras online using a search engine like Style in View is a good idea because you can enter your exact size requirements and see every matching bra in stock at most popular online retailer on one screen. Much better than spending hours visiting every website only to find the size you need is out of stock!

Trying on every bra you buy from now on is crucial whether you’re buying in-store or online - you will no doubt have always had some brands that fit you better than others, but your needs now are very different. Getting good support bras for everyday wear, and particularly a sports bra for exercise should be top of your list. Although you may have had a target size in mind pre-surgery, implants don't come in specific cup sizes, and as they tend to make for a rounder breast than natural tissue, you may be surprised by the size you need in relation to what you're seeing in the mirror.

Not all styles and brands are going to work, and don't be fooled into thinking that bras made especially for implants will give you a better fit than brands you're already familiar with. For example, brands with a rounded cup will fit the new shape of your breast more comfortably than balconette styles, which can form something of an unflattering straight line across the top. Others are manufactured with a longer underwire, which will be much more comfortable for a moderate to large breast with an implant, as the width of these tends to be across the underside close to the body. It's also worth looking out for bras that have less material at the side - with less breast tissue there now, it's likely that you'll find high-sided bras uncomfortable.

When shopping for bras to fit your new shape, don't forget that the same rules for a good fitting bra apply to women with implants as well as those without. The band should supply most of the support - never the straps! - and the centre should always lie flat to the body. No two women are built the same, and shopping around for a good fit for you will pay dividends.