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Bra Sizing Explained

According to research up to 80% of women could be wearing the wrong size of bra.

Common signs of not having the correct size bra include the shoulder straps digging in and leaving marks, the back of the bra not quite level with the front, the breasts oozing out of the cups and a small gap between the bra and breastbone.

As your body changes your breasts do too. If you have put on weight since your last measurement was taken the chances are that your breasts have increased in size. Check your size on a regular basis to make sure you are wearing the correct size bra.

At the end of the day the best bra size for you is the one that fits best. If you've found a comfortable size that works for you, stick with it, but remember it must offer good support especially if your are a large cup size.

Here's a few different ways to find your bra size.

Bra Size Tape Measure
Bra Size Tape MeasureThe bra sizing tape measure is a quick and easy way to check your bra size. The colour coded size measurements are easy to understand and you can measure yourself in the comfort of your own home and know immediately what your size is without any hassle.

The best part is that no matter how much weight you may lose or gain over the years you can easily re-measure yourself.

Find out more about the Bra Size Tape Measure

Get Measured In Store
Getting measured in store is one of the most popular ways of checking your size. Marks and Spencer as probably the best known store that can measure you up but try any small independent lingerie store.

Online Bra Size Calculator
There’s so many of them and they all have different ways of working things out and you’ll probably end up with six different sizes to choose from. Online calculators are not very accurate at all. They rely on exact measurements and then stick to a rigid formula to work out the size. Our own bra size calculator is just as bad as the rest so only use one as a guide or for a bit of fun.

Try On Different Bras
Visit different shops and try on lots of different bras and and you should be able to find a bra that fits properly. It'll take hours and be very tedious and the biggest problem you’ll have is that all bra manufacturers have slightly different cuts so you end up with lots of different sizes that fit.

Our recommendation: If privacy and measuring yourself at home is important then try the Bra Sizing Tape Measure, otherwise visit your local lingerie store and they'll be more than happy to help.

Have you been measured? Was if different to what you thought? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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