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The Bra Appeal - Donate Your Unwanted Bra's

The Bra Appeal After almost 10 years we have decided to close our bra appeal.

It's been a huge success and we've raised over £10,000 for breast cancer charities.

When we started the appeal there was nowhere to send old bras. We first sorted them ourseleves and sent them to homeless charities and later sent them for resale in developing countries and at the same time raise money for breast cancer charites.

We will continue to check the post over the next few months and send any bras on and also update the total from time to time but please remove any posters advertising the appeal.

If you have any bras you'd like to donate then PLEASE send them to Against Breast Cancer who have a nextwork of bra banks set up in high street stores.

Click here for bra bank locations and more information.

We would very much like to thank everyone who has sent in bras over the last 10 years and the total below will still slowly go up as we close the appeal.

So far our bra appeal has helped raise £10185

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